"Especial Cazadores de sombras" 1/2

Como hoy es el cumple de nuestra querida Cassandra Clare se me ocurrió la idea de hacer hoy un especial de la saga cazadores de sombras. ( puede contener spoilers de #CoHF ! que conste que os avise... ) ¡Espero que os guste! :

Ritual Parabatai

So I was unable to post on the actual release day, but have a lil’ Jace to celebrate CoHF! 
There are two special editions out there that I had the pleasure to contribute to. The special Target edition contains an exclusive comic! The comic is of a scene that isn’t in the regular edition. There is also the special UK/AUS edition that has a different comic from the Target edition. I personally think the UK comic is particularly emotional and sob-worthy so if you have the means to get that version, check it out. 
To those who have read it already… Wasn’t it amazing?! (spoilery: Did you read that part? In the last chapter? The part that made me SMIRK TRIUMPHANTLY?) 

Happy Birthday cassandraclare!!!
(well, a day early, but Happy Birthday just the same!) 
Clary and Jace join the X-men. I thought you might like it!! (esta imagen la hizo por el cumpleaños de Cassie ; D )


A while ago, I was discussing the “dirty sexy alley scene” from City of Fallen Angels with Cassandra Jean.
Her: What’s the DSAS?
Me: Many years ago in the Shadowhunter fandom, someone dubbed the scene in COFA “the dirty sexy alley scene.” Then they all started getting monikers like that — Dirty Sexy Bedroom Scene, Dirty Sexy Club Scene, etc. At the moment they are:
DSAS: the alley scene from CoFA
DSBS: Tessa and Jem in the bedroom from Clockwork Prince
DSCS: Jace and Clary in the club in Lost Souls
DSDS: Will and Tessa together in the dungeon/cell in Princess
DSES: Clary and Jace in an “E” place that is as yet unidentified but apparently underwater. :)

It seems to be one per book, since there’s no Dirty Sexy Balcony scene for Will and Tessa, or Bedroom Scenes for Simon and Izzy or Maia and Jordan or Alec and Magnus. I don’t know why, though!”

So Cassandra Jean kindly offered to draw them. Who am I to say no? So have a little Sexy Club Scene from Lost Souls.


"Kindly offered" she says. As if you were not egging me on! I am on to your tricks! cassandraclare:

I was feeling bad about being unforthcoming with spoilers, so have some Clace feels from Cassandra Jean’s postcard set for City of Heavenly Fire! (Yes, these are all scenes that happen.)

These scene is a good’un. You guys will like this one!Jace and Clary from The Mortal Instruments series (written by cassandraclare )Drew some good ‘ol Clary and Jace! (TMI written by @CassieClare )Looking forward to City of Heavenly Fire!! (written by @CassieClare )